Artistic creative expression is a vehicle for developing thinking skills, communication, improvisation, personal development, self-esteem, confidence, expression of feelings and develop confrontational skills.
Emotional and social well-being, getting a facilitator for the development of human potential and emotional environment is a commitment of all citizens. We just need a gesture.

Art is inherent in the human condition and its use with educational criteria and healing becomes a powerful social medicine.
It is a discipline of communication that promotes empathy, creativity and social inclusion.
Our goal is to make a gesture of help to the most disadvantaged sectors of society: mental patients, children at risk of exclusion, the elderly, immigrants, refugees, prisoners, …

A creative gesture serves to foster social cohesion of citizens and to foster pride in belonging, indispensable to live in democracy.
Search, locate, identify and support talent that citizen is our modus operandi.
We arrive through creative and artistic languages and processes such as:

• Traditional Visual arts
• Nature
• The dance therapy
• Music and concerts
• Cinema

• The photograph
• The kitchen
• Recycled materials
• The collective performance
• The micro actions

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